3 Pilot Ecoregions

R-ACES set-up 3 pilot cases to test in realistic environment the waste heat management tools designed by the project and developed for industrial actors and other stakeholders. These pilots are going to be validated. A validation manual will be created for the adoption of additional 7 high-priority regions in Italy, Denmark, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. This will add up to 10 ecoregions.

Ecoregion Antwerp


The ecoregion Antwerp consit of the heating network Terbekehof and the industry area Kanaalkant around the channel Albertkanaal close to the seaport and city of Antwerp.

Ecoregion Nyborg


In the Nyborg ecoregion, the  Nyborg district heating network will be connected to the very large Fjernvarme Fyn district heating network.

Ecoregion Lombardy


The Italian pilot case includes industrial areas in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, and Brescia in the Lombardy region.

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