Reports and Publications

D1.1 Condensed overview of studies and previous projects

Condensed overview results studies and previous project

D1.2 Harmonised overview

Harmonization condensed overview for identification of 10 first replication ecoregions

D1.4 List of seven additional eoregions

Selection of the 7 additional ecoregions from long list of high-impact regions

D2.2 Self-Assessment Tool

Description and material of the self-assessment tool

D2.3 Legal Decision Support Tool

Description and material of the legal decision support tool

D3.1 Validation methodology report

Results of the validation methodology for the 3 pilot ecoregions

D3.5 Assessment on the Antwerp Ecoregion

Assessment of the pilot ecoregion in Belgium

D3.6 Assessment on the Bergamo Ecoregion

Assessment of the pilot ecoregion in Italy

D3.7 Assessment on the Nyborg Ecoregion

Assessment of the pilot ecoregion in Denmark

D4.2 Learning Community Format

Learning Communitiesset-up in each selected region

D4.3 Evaluation report on Learning Communities

Evaluation report on learning communities as instrument for capacity building

D4.4 Serious Board Game

Serious Board Game HEATopoly: the box with manuals

D4.5 Educational online environment

Demonstrator of the educational online environment

D5.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Roadmap

Descriptions of the expansion steps from the 10 ecoregions

D5.2 The R-ACES Toolkit

Available R-ACES toolkit with examples and guidance material

D5.3 Online and categorized capacity building blocks

Online And Categorized Available Capacity Building Blocks

D5.4 Dissemination Reach Impact Report

ormalisation of a regular feedback on the dissemination performance

D6.1 Project website and links to relevant platforms

Description of the initial project website

D6.2 Project Brochure

Document describing the project objectives, approach, services

D6.3 Concept video

Video describing the project, and services