R-ACES Ecoregion Meeting 7 June 2022


Next R-ACES Ecoregion meeting on how energy cooperation is helping SMEs

On 7 June 2022 the 4th R-ACES Ecoregion meeting takes place. Topic of this meeting focuses on the benfits for SMEs conducting energy cooperation projects to counteract rising energy prices.

Studies show that companies investing in energy-efficient, low-emission technologies have excellent growth prospects. The drivers and users of efficient technologies are often small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They are a key innovation driver and an important interface for transferring research findings from academia to business. Increasing energy efficiency in industrial SMEs brings benefits to a wide range of stakeholders.

General energy prices are rising due to a series of international events. For SMEs this means that they see their energy bills double or even triple. Energy cooperation could lower the use of energy and thus save money. R-ACES developed several tools to make energy cooperation easily accessible. The foruth RERA Meeting is shocasing examples how SMEs can benefit from energy cooperation projects to lower the energy costs.

The meeting will be hosted by Nathan Bowden (ISPT)


• Development of energy prices – Antonie de Haas (ISPT)

• Short R-ACES presentation – Agata van Oosten (ISPT)

• Bergamo region – Sergio Pinotti (Spinergy)

• Antwerp region – tbc

• EMB3Rs Heat and Cold Matching Platform – Aristotelis Botzios & Georgios Goumas (CRES), André Lisboa (Inegi)


Free registration: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/r-aces-ecoregion-meetings-tickets-156861686527